Thursday, January 16, 2014

A New Year's Resolution.

In a sleepless moment in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago I made myself a promise.
I promised that I would start blogging regularly. I've let this blog slip a little in 2013, after the excitement of #EDCMOOC in the early part of the year, nothing else seemed to excite me enough to write about. I bet this sounds familiar to quite a few of you out there.
I also have a tendency to think that blogging is a little self-indulgent, who really wants to read anything I write? There's so many people putting stuff out, out there, why would anyone read me?

Well here I am and it's another new year. It's time to put this promise into action. However, I'm a little stuck. I need some help. I decided that to keep myself to my promise I'd select one topic and pursue that topic through out the year. Then today, I thought that what I actually need to do is make a list of the topic and sub-topics and work through it over the year.

So, today I announce that this years blog will be about Instructional Design.
Here's the list of twelve ID sub-topics for 2014, one a month. (There may actually be more than one blog in the month, but they should stick to that month's topic.)

  1. How do I define ID?
  2. What are the major changes in ID theory over the past 20 years?
  3. Who uses ID in Australia? How is ID used in Australia?
  4. Has the audience (i.e. the learner) for ID really changed?
  5. Should ID practitioners spend time as a teacher or trainer in the classroom?
  6. Is Education Technology pushing (your) ID around?
  7. Just how many skills do I need to build?
  8. Is ID the same, the world over?
  9. What did teaching Horticulture teach me, about ID?
  10. Where will ID go next?
  11. ID and the budget squeeze.
  12. IDo need a break - Happy Holidays.

All right this is where I need your help. I'd love your feed back on my list of sub-topics.
Please use the comments box below. You know I will be excited to see what you think, good or bad!
Let me know if you think the topics are relevant, or if they've been 'done to death' elsewhere, or are just daft.