Sunday, January 27, 2013

Where's (my EDCMOOC) Wally?

Digital Culture is like one of those Wheres Wally? drawings. There is so much going on. You know when you first look at the picture there is just people everywhere, then as you start to scan it you realise there are little groups of people doing all sorts of different things in different parts of the picture. But realising this doesn't make it any easier to know where in the picture you should be looking for Wally!  When I first started interacting with the pre-course groups a fortnight ago it was totally overwhelming, and as I'd play around a bit with each forum or social site, I'd get a little more detail of the overall picture or I'd get sidetracked by gizmo aps such as tik-tok or thinglink, or I'd read marvellous blogs written by obviously incredibly intelligent and talented people and I'd let out a sigh as I looked at yet another piece of incredible interpretive and creative work describing others journey through this digital landscape, but I still hadn't found Wally. Unfortunately I missed out on the first twitter chat as it was a little early in the morning after our Big Day in Australia, celebrating being Australian.  So tonight i am looking for that mythical Wally, my EDCMOOC, and just as the twitter chat was delivered at 6am Melbourne time this morning, I rather suspect that when I get up tomorrow morning I will find my Wally in my mailbox!