Monday, January 21, 2013

Steep learning curves

After spending some time today, by starting with the EDC MOOC wiki, ending up on the various EDC MOOC facebook pages, finding the The EDC MOOC School (fb page), then reading the ppt file behind it and then coming across the AMAZING interactive image created by Kay Odone @KayC28 I'm just blown away! This is what I've wanted to do for 100 years! I'm hooked. Way back when I was a horticultural teacher, I wanted to make interactive images for botany and entomology lessons and it used to just totally frustrate me that I didn't have the tech skills to do it. I'd fiddle around with word documents and hyperlinks, but they just weren't getting me there. I've been in management positions for the past 12 years and am just returning to instructional design and this is magic. Looking at the Thingylink website is inspiring, so many ways to use this technology. Yes, I know the IT nerds will be saying `Oh, we've been able to do this for ages.'. but nobody put it out there for me to use so simply for ages.... So excited.