Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lessons from the iPad

I received a fantastic reception from a room full of professional engineers and facilitators today. I presented some findings from my recent work investigating using digital media and software to enhance elearning today, to facilitators at a strategic planning workshop. I was so nervous before the meeting. I kept thinking, "these guys will think this is so old hat" and "what happens if i can't get stuff to show on the iPad?" and in the end I did have trouble with wikispaces, the view on iPad is terrible and it was the one item I hadn't double checked. When I tried to link to it from the link I had put into Google+, it simply didn't work, and when I went into safari and linked to it there, the page view was woeful. There seemed to be some kind of disconnect when I plugged the iPad into the projector. When I loaded up my iBooks CV it changed all the page layout & colours. It wasn't a `digital' projector with a usb interface, it was an old pin plug one, I wonder if that had something to do with it?
I've re-checked the ibook CV again at home tonight with the iPad disconnected from a projector and the CV is now showing normally as I would expect it to.
I've been stalking the apple sponsored e-news publication `Teach with your iPad' for some time now, however it mainly reflects upon using iPads in primary and secondary school classrooms, rather than adult learning environments, and it also assumes that all your class has iPads to work on. It does give links and reviews on some great little aps for education, however they are often aimed at kids. Presenting to a room full of professionals who come with a mix of laptops, android tables & iPads is slightly different. I had restricted myself to demonstrating 4 applications, iBook Author, thinglink interactive images, Storify and Google+, and I was meant to go for 20 minutes, but ended up with 30 and if I'd had more content prepared, could have gone on for another hour!