Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To web 2.0 or not to web 2.0?

A brief email discussion with a colleague yesterday got me thinking again about the value of web 2.0 in an educational business office. My colleague works in a different industry, so the business risks may not be quite the same. Here's a quote from our discussion.
“We use skype for talking to our office in the UK so works for us. We also have a policy of letting the staff have access to their social networking sites – yes, very unusual and also something that our new IT guy has been looking at however we seem to be able to keep it under control.
Yes, we have hardly any attrition in the call centre and are meeting all our KPI’s so I am more than happy. We also pay them a quarterly bonus – which they love – if they achieve their KPI’s. In return we give them a whole lot of Admin work which they do between calls and very successfully manage to do so – they say that it helps fill in the time and is less boring. The result is that we save on Admin staff. So win win for everyone.
See if your call centre is doing that – in fact I think that I have an absolutely outstanding centre here – staff morale is at a high and they continually go out of their way – yet they are on a fairly minimum wage. The other thing that they do is select the hours that they want to work each fortnight and somehow we always manage to cover the hours required. This also minimises sick leave. I just have one guy who is taking too much sick leave (min 2 days a month) and his Mother In Law who is on face book every time I look – I need to monitor this and get her to help more with the Admin stuff. That’s for me or the Team Leader to manage”
Wow, great feedback and a proactive manager, but how much could I risk in an RTO space?
I know that lots of educational institutions are using twitter & sms & blogs in the educational space, communicating between students and facilitators, and in the marketing arena, but would you allow administration staff in the office that manages student records to use facebook or twitter on the business IT infrastructure?
Is anyone else thinking about this? What is your organisation doing?