Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Searching for the perfect RTO IS

Further to my blog of 27 January, one of my managers hit me with a list of questions yesterday that I'm still working through.
We have a legacy system in use, it has been around for many years and serves the important functions of suppling market information from our parent company's data, providing a rich seam of data about the business history and enabling seamless marketing back to their members.
As a business we are seeking efficiencies in marketing, finance management and continuous improvement analysis. Questions arise around how a data system should interface with other areas of the business especially marketing and finance, and how the system will enable greater efficiencies such as online enrolment and payments.
Peole looking at LMS have similar issues, Tony Karrer quotes one of his commentators in his blog this week regarding how ling it might take to find the best LMS for a business:
"Research that I cited in LMS Selection Time suggested that the time for the steps on average was:

Gather and Specify Requirements – 5 months
Research Vendors Requirements – 4 months
Meet with Vendors – 2 months
With several people involved. Of course, these were enterprise implementations with many different business units and training organizations involved."

I've been working on our research of systems for well over 12 months and still struggle to answer all the questions.
The impact of the AQTF2010 increased requirement for reporting has all of us scrambling for answers. There are a plethroa of new providers coming into the market claiming to have products that meet all the requirements of the AQTF2010, but we still need to ask the big question of "What does the business need to create business improvements and efficiences that deliver better service to our paying clients and not just to the regulators?"