Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 - 10 predictions

1. Corporate Learning is back
As the threat of the GFC recedes, corporates will again look to improve staff performance through training and upskilling.
2. Corporate clients will become increasingly aware of the ability to mix government and private funding to obtain training
Private RTO's are now accessing previously restricted funding and offering it to their corporate clients in innovative mixes.
3. elearning is back,
the elearning industry is touting new ways of integrating elearning into business including the mix of `social' learning via web 2.0 tools, however,

4. S - M RTO's will be continue to be slow to take up the benefits of web 2.0 Social Networking in 2010 as they juggle security issues and resource management
5. The shift in the convergence of regulatory tools between VET and Higher Ed will create financial pressure on S - M RTO's as they re-write policy and process to meet new regulatory demands
Regulatory compliance is an effective barrier to new entrants to the market. For micro RTO's and non-accredited training business's, the resources required to maintain currency in complying with evolving standards increase the barricade.
6. The shift in the convergence of regulatory tools between VET and Higher Ed will create a new job market for people with knowledge and skills across both sectors
This job market first emerged as Universities began offering VET accredited programs and TAFE's began offering Bachelor degrees over the last 5 years.
7. The shift in the convergence of regulatory tools between VET and Higher Ed will create new openings for RTO's to consider the delivery of Higher Education product
With the expense and effort require to manage regulatory compliance, organisations will be seeking to maximise the return on their investment.
8. The needs of the international market for students studying in Australia will shift from provision of courses supporting points for residency to the provision of high quality courses able to compete on the international playing field.
The perceived lack of personal security and safety for international students studying in Australia has had a marked effect on enrolment numbers. While there are calls for the Australian Government to supply better safety assurance to students, RTO's may seek to attract a different market.
9. S - M RTO's will increasingly turn to business 2 business networking to leverage the use of industry voice in response to regulatory pressure. As social networking influences the consumer choice, social networking amongst business provides opportunites to strengthen your business within a market niche. Gen X and Gen Y are influencing the way we do business and as they become business owners, they will bring that way of working into with them.
10. Coalitions of complimentary S - M RTO's will emerge to service specific market areas with a range of product.
The use of web 2.0 campaigns such as Get Up and the Obama campaign for presidency are becoming mainstream. Complimentary marketing using web 2.0 is ripe for exploration.