Wednesday, April 8, 2009

twittering blogs

The Twitter world is morphing so fast, I'm not sure where it will take us. I see smart users using it to post commentry via linking out to news articles that have caught their attention. Most frequently these articles are not even commented upon, simply a headline and a link. The commentary is in the Twitterer's blog. How good would it be, to be a lecturer and to use a blog for presenting the lecture and the Twitter to alert your students that there was a new post? How will this work within the traditional LMS system?
I just read a great blog about using the social networking sites for job hunting purposes and that has led me to look at using a service to shorten urls that I want to post and that has led me to go back and have a look at using a Twitter `client' service. So much to know. How will all of this affect knowledge managment within organisations? There is already a lot written about whether corporates should allow their employees to blog and whether it's good to have a corporate blog profile, and how to set up a corporate policy about blogging, twitter just outstrips all of this. It doesn't matter if you put up a firewall at work and restrict access, twitterers will just use their phones.