Thursday, April 23, 2009

technology as tool

great session this morning with another consultant researching / reviewing organisation's ICT needs. Finding synergies in thinking about technology supporting process and communication, however, recognising the diverse needs of sme business. I posed the question to our executives, yesterday - what would our business look like if we all came to work with a laptop and no internal IT support? Later today, the interface of organisation re-structure hit as we physically relocated staff around the office to assist the implementation of the re-alignment of administrative processes. I'm excited! I'm out of the private office and into an open floor plan - right in amongst it! The pressures of change are bringing out some great thinking and communication, but we still have a problem with reaching out to our workers in external offices. Oh for a web conferencing system!
It is the age old problem of us and them, as referred to in my last post. I have to tie myself down & remember, not everyone likes technology, not everyone wants to use it to improve communications or smooth & enable processes. Lots of people are scared of loosing control, lots of people are still in the head space of `knowledge is power', ergo: don't share information, let alone client information....  but I just kind of feel that if I could get them online once a week, f2f with the admin people, updating, "what's happening in my world of client contact etc", we would be a much more effective organisation.