Tuesday, March 10, 2009

elearning - the argument continues

I'm embroiled in the arguments for and against e-learning. Really, isn't it just about delivery methodology? After all, how do most adults in the workplace access the information they need to manage their daily life? Isn't learning for the workplace all about managing and applying information?

How many people do you see absorbing vast amounts of information about the world they live in from newspapers, tv, websites and so on, then applying these bits of information in their daily life?

"Hello Dear, I saw some information about a reduction in interest rates in the paper today. I'm just going online to check out a bank rate comparison site and then we'll have a look at whether we can get a better deal with our mortgage."

"Oh look there's a cyclone warning for the gulf. Maybe we need to change our travel plans for next week."

I haven't heard anyone argue that workplace learning isn't about information management

Catherine Lombardozzi in http://learningjournal.wordpress.com/2009/01/ defines the skills needed for the application of learning in the workplace.

Maybe the elearning argument is actually about the effectiveness of trying to deliver and embed these skills via an electronic medium.....